Get up close and personal with the industry experts and brand leaders in eCommerce.

You’ve seen them on stage, but how about behind the curtain?

Lifecycle marketing wizard Josh Chin brings together the brightest minds of eCommerce in a completely down-to-earth and casual environment—all of whom made super accessible for you to meet and network with.

No Egos—just people with empty cups eager to learn.

8 to 9-figure industry experts and brand leaders ready to share their insights on how you can scale your eCommerce business.

In-depth and straight-to-the-point speaker sessions jam-packed with profit-driven insights!

Everything you need to leverage today’s
technology and maximize your bottom line profits.

…and much MUCH more

Engage in topic-highlight speaker sessions

Ask questions from the eCommerce giants themselves.

Sit down for fireside chats

Get to know the people responsible for building 8 to 9-figure brands and how they did it.

Meet and chat with the brand-leaders themselves off-stage

Ask questions from the eCommerce giants themselves.

This isn’t your usual “coat’n’tie” gig. So prepare yourself for both maximum knowledge absorption and casual fun. ( Last event we had golf and drinks! )

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