How to Market Niche Products with Success

3 Keys to Marketing Niche Products with Success

Just HOW powerful is advertising, exactly? Well, way more than you think. ECommerce advertising, when done right, can help you sell almost anything. 

In an exclusive speaker session with social advertising wizard Aaron Nosbisch during DTC Breakthrough: Singapore, he shared his key advertising strategies that helped his company Lucyd market and sell his signature brand of Conscious Compounds™.

Now hear us out! Aaron made it clear that Conscious Compounds™ are white hat, medically backed and supported psychedelics all truly meant for the betterment of people’s health.

Usually, anything that would come off even remotely as “psychedelics” would automatically be blocked and cancelled on social media platforms. But somehow, Aaron and Lucyd are not only succeeding—they’re scaling.

Yes, their ads have managed to generate 4.02x to 4.62x ROAS!

How? Let’s dive into Aaron Nosbisch’s ad strategy and breakdown his keys of effective eCommerce advertising.

DTC breakthrough Singapore
DTC Breakthrough Singapore 2022

How Can I Sell Tricky-to-Sell Products?

“The reality is that it IS possible—you simply need to understand the policy (and how to innovate).”

Specifically in Aaron’s case, nothing gets more difficult to advertise than psychedelics. So, how did he and his company Lucyd do it? They followed these three keys when advertising these products:

Key #1: Compliance

You have to know the rules before you start breaking them. A deep and clear understanding of existing policies and compliance regulations can help you recognize the patterns of what’s technically not allowed and—most importantly—what IS allowed.

So first thing’s first, study any social platform’s compliance regulations in and out.

For example, here’s what Aaron and Lucyd learned studying the Meta’s CBD & Hemp Policy:

  • You can advertise educational information about CBD that leads to additional information
  • You can advertise Hemp topicals if the ad and landing page uses Hemp language rather than CBD
  • You can advertise News/Press articles if not overlys promotional (i.e. avoid using discount codes)

They noticed the little fine prints of opportunities—giving them the chance to innovate their eCommerce advertising strategy.

Key #2: Innovation

This is where you can start getting creative. Innovate based on what’s allowed all while staying behind that fence. You’ll be surprised by how many more ways you can market your brand and products.

Expand and explore your creative options. Your wording, ad focus, and ad intent are much more malleable than you think.

Of course, this will require heavy A/B testing to get right. Don’t feel discouraged going through multiple iterations of your ads.

Key #3: Platform Support

When in doubt, connect with your target social platform’s supporting representative. Each platform has a supporting representative whose purpose is to help you spend more money on their platform.

Align your goals with theirs and they will be one of your biggest resources. Aaron also shared his three-step ad strategy that you can refer to for fully optimized eCommerce advertising:

Expand and explore your creative options. Your wording, ad focus, and ad intent are much more malleable than you think. Of course, this will require heavy A/B testing to get right. Don’t feel discouraged going through multiple iterations of your ads.

Aaron Nosbisch - CEO & Co-Founder of Lucyd

Step 1: Highlight the Benefits of Your Products on Your Social Media Ads

Post social media ads that educate users objectively about your products. A big tip Aaron emphasized here is that you shouldn’t sell your products on the first click.

Rather, have your ads focus on educational content about the products you’re trying to sell. Let your ads spark and build interest and curiosity about your products first. 

Be creative all while avoiding making egregious claims. Be careful with what you say and how you say it.

When done right, your ads will encourage users to want to learn more, leading to your next step.

Step 2: Have Your Ads Lead People to Your Landing Page

Interested users would click on your ad and land in your highlighted product landing page. Here, they can learn more about your product in detail.

And because they followed your ad link, it’s highly likely they will convert.

Step 3: Finally, Lead Them to Your Homepage

Open up more conversion opportunities by leading users from your product landing page to your store homepage.

If they learned that the initial product wasn’t what they were looking for, they can at least learn more about your brand and see more options. Capture their emails, have them sign up for your newsletters, or even follow to more of your social media content.

Can I Apply These Keys Outside of this Context?

Certainly! If you were to peel back Aaron’s focus on his Conscious Compounds™ advertising, you’ll still have a solid eCommerce advertising strategy here.

Break down and understand a platform’s compliance policy, innovate and get creative with your ads, experiment and A/B test.

Focus on educating your target audience, then lead them into your website to open up conversion opportunities.

Your biggest takeaway here should be that if Lucyd can scale from advertising white hat psychedelics and adaptogens, then you can just about sell anything—as long as it’s legal, of course.

“What you advertise literally changes the world—whether it’s for the better or worse…it’s your decision.”

About the Speaker

Aaron Nosbisch is an entrepreneur, investor, and adventurer who drives millions in revenue for his projects and clients, all while travelling the world.

He is the CEO & Co-founder of Lucyd, the largest Conscious Compound™ social advertising agency in the world.

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