Scaling Global Brands: 5 Top Highlights of the DTC Breakthrough Event

Missed out on this big meeting of the minds? We’ve compiled the top highlights that stuck in the minds of everyone who attended!

80 people got together in Singapore with the biggest and brightest eCommerce minds. But what exactly made this an event that stood out from the rest?

What exactly got all attendees, even the speakers and sponsors themselves, super stoked for more events like this one in the future?

Let’s bring you up to speed by featuring what they all had to say about our first ever DTC Breakthrough event!

1. Heavy-lifting Growth-driven Topics Galore

All the speakers left a mark in every attendee’s mind. Even the speakers themselves were engaged by what their fellow speakers had to share. Here are the different speakers and takeaways of their topics.

I. Aaron Nosbisch—CEO & Co-Founder, Lucyd

The Conscious Compound Revolution: Cannabis, Adaptogens, and Psychedelics in Ecomm… and how to advertise them.

Yes, you read that right. The point is while Aaron’s company advertises these products, their advertising framework works—with their ROAS reaching up to 4.62x!

“What you advertise literally changes the world—whether it’s for better or worse is your decision.”


What do you do when you aim to establish product awareness on platforms that have policies that make it difficult to advertise your specific products or brand? Advertising is all about understanding a platform’s policy and how to innovate upon it.

Aaron detailed the keys to a successful advertising campaign. In summary, it boils down to these three focuses:

  1. Educational Focus
    Zero in on sharing education information about your product or service. This can help lead your potential customers to additional information (for example, your home page).
  2. Terminology Focus
    Depending on the policies of your platform of choice, use relevant terminology that’s allowed. This one covers the more technical aspect of innovating upon policies.
  3. Non-Promotional Focus
    You can advertise information from the news or press releases to support your products and services. Again, this is meant to lead your prospects to your homepage, so avoid highlighting discount codes and promos.

II. Dee Deng—CEO & Co-Founder, Right Hook Digital

Creative Sprints: The Biggest DTC Growth Lever in 2022

Dee broke down the formula of what makes a results-driven team strategy. The concept of SCRUM and Sprint Planning all boils down to creating a work environment that gives way to more focused work efforts to bring out higher quality results in less time.

Dee Deng - DTC Breakthrough Singapore

“Make it a process-first standpoint. Make your process act as an enabler for yourpeople. In turn, your people will do good in the platforms they work at. Finally, take the learnings back into the process. It essentially teaches itself.

So rather than point fingers at the people, focus on dealing with the process.”

Rather than appointing one person to be the “one neck to choke” in any work process, break down and evenly distribute the responsibilities. Also, break down your overarching quarterly goals into smaller and more manageable chunks.

This way, your teams can efficiently focus on strategies that can bring in the right results you’re looking for without burning them out or sacrificing quality on the client’s side.

III. Dimitri Nikolakakis— CEO & Founder,

Web3.0 in Commerce: Bridging the Gap Between Blockchain and Online Retail

Dimitri addressed the current age of the eCommerce industry, specifically the major developments that affected it. iOS14, NFTs, and blockchains changed how online consumers engage with brands.

In turn, these developments also drove brands to change the way they advertise.

“Tokenizing your customer-base allows for universal identification of your customers, as well as other brands.

The technology is already here. This is not a farfetched metaverse or augmented reality shopping pitch. It’s time to act.”

Transition to 1st-party data. Own as much data as possible and leverage opt-ins, quiz funnels, and lead generation campaigns.

This way, you can gain more in-depth knowledge about your target market and create more catered content that would best retain and improve customer loyalty.

IV. Howie Tan—Business Development Partner, Organifi

Scaling from 7 to 8 Figures: The Alchemy of Sale

Howie shared his formula when it comes to leveraging different traffic sources. He also touched on how you can create a more efficient working environment that can focus on driving results.

Howie Tan - DTC Breakthrough Singapore

“At the end of the day, when brand affiliates make additional money from you—they have an additional reason to promote your product. You need to treat affiliates like business partners and you want to pay them on time.”

Internally, coaching your teams will help them start making results rather than spend a good chunk of their time figuring things out.

Externally, you’ll need to leverage different traffic sources to maximize your market reach and effectiveness. Work with affiliates and influencers to help you amplify your marketing efforts and extend your reach deeper into your target audience—overall, boosting conversions.

Jason Wong - DTC Breakthrough Singapore

V. Jason Wong—CEO & Founder, Doe Lashes

Behind-the-Pughaus: How I built an 8-Fig DTC Portfolio Using My Personal Brand

Jason took attendees on a deep-dive into his digital content machine. He broke down his content strategy and detailed the key tactics to help you build your personal brand.

“The key thing to make a personal brand successful is you just have to be out there. And to be out there you have to make a lot of content.”

A well-built personal brand can open up plenty of opportunites to get yourself the short-term gains of the benefits and also the long-term gains of being in the right place in the right time for the right opportunities.

These benefits include—

  • A strong network
  • Gaining social currency which can act as cash
  • Strengthen credibility of your companies

You’ll need to live and breathe content. This means diving into social networking events and leverage content marketing. Specifically, youll need to double down on—

  • Digital content
  • Physical content
  • The network you built

VI. Jem Bourough—CEO & Founder, Adcubator

$310M Ad Spend Secrets Behind Google Ads

Jem broke down the winning formula that goes into high-return Google ads. He walked attendees through the step-by-step process of increasing both ad spend and profitability at the same time.

“You need to get rid of dead weight and bad campaign settings. Use the right levers to steer into new heights.

Google is a game of research. Without having the right research, organization, conceptualization, and workflows your entire house of cards will either fall or not be the highest one that you would build.”

Double down on Single Intent Ad Groups (SIAGs). Have one ad group with many different keywords. You want to increase the CTR by having an ad group match with all the keywords.

That way, you can deliver the messaging of your responsive ad—increasing CTR, decreasing CPA and conversion rate go up because you’re way more relevant to a user’s query.

VII. Sam Olawale—Founder & CEO, Digital Super Systems

How to Pre-sell $10 Million of Your Product Before Delivering to Customers

Sam presented an innovative way for DTC store owners to generate revenue even before product production online—with minimal capital.

Sam Olawale

“Risk is everything in any business. So many people are scared to put their ideas or products out there”


Crowdfunding is something you can leverage right now on your website. It minimizes risk, helps you gain huge PR and notoriety, and you get all the money first.

How can you maximize the crowdfunding success of your product? Communicate with your fans and let them know you’re open to suggestions on what they want you to launch next. Develop products that people want to buy and have a long “shelf life.”

In other words, create a product that will have a long-lasting impact long after its launch. Something that can solve problems, evergreen functionality, and is easily integrated into popular culture such as TikTok and Instagram.

2. Accessibility to Big Names in One Comfortable Space

The biggest and most memorable highlight to all attendees was being in the same space with the brightest minds in eCommerce.

This opportunity was tantamount to getting a fast-track pass into all the high-value insights and know-hows in scaling your business to the next level.

Not only was everyone happy to listen to people of such high caliber on stage, it carried over to off-stage as well. Attendees LOVED being able to just walk up to these eCommerce leaders and just talk.

Everyone, even the 8 to 9-figure business owners, was super humble and generous. Attendees who flew in from across the four corners of the globe got to mingle with their eCommerce idols.

Imagine just seeing your idol step off stage, walk by you and grab a cookie from a table. And you can just walk up to them, shake hands, and connect? The accessibility to all these great minds really blew everybody’s minds!

3. Casual and Non-Corporate Atmosphere

The event created an atmosphere that encouraged casual meetups with BIG names. Names you would have felt to be too busy or out of your league even for a simple conversation.

All the fireside chats were a great example. Everybody got to learn from all the different leaders and different sides of marketing. This is a super diverse group of people and different backgrounds. Overall, a great space to just learn from each other and interact with each other.

DTC Breakthrough created such an amazingly leveled ground for everyone. Business owners and leaders from across the eCommerce spectrum could just shake hands and talk. Everyone was just there to share everything they knew to help everyone grow their businesses. No strings attached.

4. The Inspirational Community

Because everyone was so humble and generous, the event was just overflowing with inspirational energy. Everyone was inspiring everyone that the biggest eCommerce successes are all attainable.

No one was one-upping anyone. All attendees walked in with empty cups and zero ego. Everyone was open to learn and ready to share.

5. Time Set Aside for Fun

The event wasn’t just all business and neckties. We made sure to set aside time for leisure and fun! Some of the highlights from attendees included—

  • Lunch at Como Dempsey—think lobster rolls and wine
  • Dinner at 15 Stamford—3 course meal fine dining experience
  • Putting and Drinks at Holey Moley—unlimited alcohol and finger food and team vs team mini-golf
  • After Party at Highlander—more drinking and dancing

It was these fun moments that cemented the casual and comfortable atmosphere for all attendees. Nobody was above or below anyone. Everyone enjoyed everything equally without the usual worries or stress of a professional environment.

The greatest minds are those who inspire others to grow along with them. DTC Breakthrough gathered these bright minds and let them mingle and grow their network.

“Going from good to great isn’t about doing the same thing over and over, it’s about expanding your zone of awareness and tackling the things that you didn’t know you don’t know. Sometimes it just takes one insight, one epiphany, one network, one connection to make all the difference in your business when scaling to greatness.That’s what DTC Breakthrough is all about—finding that one breakthrough that can take your business to new heights.”

Josh Chin; CEO & Co-founder of Chronos Agency

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