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Gain Insights and Network with ECommerce’s Brightest in Africa’s Gondwana Private Game Reserve

What will it take to bless your brand’s revenue like the rains down in Africa? Maybe a change of scenery is EXACTLY what you need to finally get those brain juices flowing. The latest live roundtable event is happening— and it’s one that you definitely don’t want to miss!

This is the perfect opportunity to get up close and personal with the biggest brand leaders of the eCommerce space and more, pick up on their success formulas and strategies, and grow your network all while enjoying South Africa's authentic cape safari - experience truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

What's Happening Down in Africa?

ECommerce brand growth wizard Dimitri Nikolakakis (founder of DimNiko Agency) and lifecycle marketing engineer Joshua Chin are putting together a one-of-a-kind super exclusive DTC Breakthrough experience in South Africa.

20 attendees max

3-Day Roundtable

Experience the hospitality, flavors, and
culture of South Africa in the
welcoming outdoor barbecue dinner

Roam the breathtaking landscapes and get up close and personal with the majestic local wildlife on scheduled game drives

Structured and guided discussions on digital marketing topics of your choice

Take in the sights and fresh air up in the hot air balloon rides

Connect and network with eCom's brightest minds

Taste the unique flavors of wine in the Jakkalsvlei Wine Farm

Closed door mastermind sessions

Unwind and let loose at the DJ-hosted Saturday night party to end the event

When and Where is this Live Roundtable Safari Happening?

Mark your calendars!

South Africa on May 5 - 8, 2023.

Saying this’ll be a change of scenery would be an understatement. You’ll be learning about the best digital marketing techniques and strategies in the Gondwana Private Game Reserve, South Africa.

Take in the purest form of nature and marvel at the company of the beautiful and majestic animals within this reserveGet up close and personal with the biggest and wildest ideas—maybe even bigger than whatever you can find roaming about in the reserve.

Connect with eCommerce brand leaders while reconnecting with nature.

Who's Attending

Who's Attending

Who's Attending


ECom Brand


SaaS Product Owner

ECommerce Influencer

then you’re exactly the people we’re hoping to join us on this trip!

Raising capital and increasing LTV with Web3 in E-commerce

ECommerce traffic and customer acquisition wizard. He’s the founder of DimNiko Agency whose goal is to assist eCommerce brands grow and scale to the next level.

Maximizing profits with a lifecycle strategy

Acquisition and retention marketing engineer. CEO and Co-founder of Chronos Agency, a customer lifecycle marketing agency that specializes in scaling email, SMS, mobile push marketing for eCommerce brands.

Driving scale with e-commerce affiliates

Digital DTC brand scaling expert. Co-founder of pet health brand Mighty Munch. A 10-year industry veteran, he’s developed strategies for lowering your customer acquisition costs and cost of goods sold while increasing your customer lifetime value.

Lessons from a $1m+/month creatives powerhouse

Performance creatives extraordinaire. Founder of performance creatives agency Sudiyo, he helped grow beauty and wellness brands ForChics and Bleame to 8 figures using his agency’s profit-driven creatives strategies.

How I bought & scaled a $300k dog ramp biz into a $35m empire

Serial entrepreneur and investor. CEO and Founder of pet health and wellness Genius Litter and Alpha Paw. He once bought a dog ramp business for $300,000 and since then made $35M selling dog ramps.

Giveaway & influencers strategies for scale

Performance marketing expert. CEO and Founder of web hosting service Goat Media. He’s continued building his expertise in the field through speaking at international marketing events where he trains thousands of people on revolutionary advertising techniques.

Again, only 20 SLOTS maximum (and going fast)!

Equip your eCommerce business with the techniques and strategies used by 8 to 9-figure brands

And enjoy the wild beauty of South Africa while you’re there!

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