Innovative Marketing Strategies for Beauty, Wellness, and Fashion eCommerce Stores

March 23, Thursday,
4 to 6PM SGT via Zoom.


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Have you found it challenging to grow your store lately?

Specifically, are you—

  • Finding it much MUCH harder to acquire customers?
  • Spending TOO much on ads due to rising CPM rates?
  • Getting drowned out by countless competitors?
  • Failing to impress and stand out to your customers?

If your answer is YES to any of these problems, you’re not alone!

If you’re looking for answers or even an epiphany, get them straight from people who’ve overcome these challenges.

eCommerce greats who have it all figured out will be part of this exclusive, invite-only roundtable! Unlock the secrets of 8-9 figure DTC stores and find creative solutions to 10X your sales without 10X-ing your spends.

Get to Know the Moderators



Joshua Chin,
Co-founder & CEO,




Rich Burns,
Founder & CEO,




Winnie Ong,

Founder & CEO, 

Dan Eymel,

Co-founder, ForChics

Founder & CEO, 

Unpack the Secrets
of Successful ECommerce Stores
in the Age of the Critical Consumer

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In eCommerce, marketing to the beauty, fashion, and wellness market is more than just selling products—it’s about building and sustaining customer loyalty through your marketing.

Acquisition and retention marketing are your keys to not only your brand’s survival, but also to its sustainable and consistent growth in the long-run!

This is the age of the critical consumer, and it’s time to gear your marketing towards meeting their valuable demands.

This is more than just another webinar—pick the brains of the business leaders of successful 8 to 9-figure brands who can help you address your challenges with creative solutions.

Don’t miss out on their success stories, strategy breakdowns, and insight sharing in the more personal breakout room sessions where you can dig deeper into specific topics of your choice in active back-and-forth conversations!

When and Where is
this happening?

March 23, Thursday,
4 to 6PM SGT via Zoom.

See you there!

What can you expect from the virtual roundtable?

😎 Moderated by Industry Experts

All ready to best equip you for eCommerce success in the beauty, fashion, and wellness industry.

🕵️ Deep Dive into 3 Key Topics: Lifecycle/Retention Marketing, Paid Ads,
and Content and Creatives

Learn how you can best align your marketing efforts with female consumers.

☮️ A Safe Space for Open Discussions

Bring your toughest challenges to the table, share experiences, gain insights, and drill into the best actionables.

🧠 Dissect Your Ideas

Share your ideas on the subject and find out how you can improve them with the help of your peers and the experienced moderators.

👋 Network and Build Relationships

More than just a brainstorming session, we encourage you to network with the people you meet in the event.

🦄 Convert and Win Over the Consumers of this Rich Niche

Gain insights on the best ways to personalize your marketing according to customers of all aspects of life, how to empower them, and build and sustain their loyalty to your brand.

⚠️ Remember:
This is an INVITE-ONLY event, so if you’re interested in joining…

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